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Sales Funnel For Therapists 

A funnel is the process a visitor online or passerby follows to become a patient, client or customer, if you have a business and sell a service, product or even training you have a funnel, you might not realise this or structure it,  but there is a process. Most online marketing is via your website, as email marketing, PPC and SEO, even reviews have become your online word of mouth.

Put your self in searching mode for online shopping for answers to a problem, such as “how to get rid of sciatica”,  what steps do you take to arrive at a clinic, a big smile and feeling good!  this is a sales funnel, a simple straight forward process, however there is an enormous question… How well do you know your own clinic patient funnel.


Build Your Funnel Challenge



Q: What’s a Clinical Sales Funnel and do you need one?

Most businesses have a website  and a social media presence of sorts, but a lot of businesses don’t think of them as a funnel.

A funnel is a process and regardless of type of business such as a service, product or therapy is designed to get lots of people interested in what you offer, to engage with them and simply move them through the sales process into becoming a patient or client.

Clinics and therapy services are a business and some clinics may only have a website for information purposes only, but even these still have a process, a funnel just not sales specific. As  a therapist you want to demonstrate ways of dealing with patients ailments and there pain, offering services and treatment to get patients and clients well and moving pain free. As a business unless you are the only therapist in the village you need to  sell your services, you need to sell what you actually do and why people need to see you and not a competitor.

This process is a sales funnel..

Good marketing and a well structured sales process will always give you a better chance at building your business, once created you can leave it on autopilot, nowadays our patients and clients like to self educate and browse the internet. With this in mind give patients and clients what they want with a view to demonstrate that YOU can provide the solutions.. let your business grow.

A funnel is process to allow your visitors/traffic to become customers.

The funnel starts wide and takes a lot of different visitors in, this maybe your Ads that drive traffic to your site, or traffic from blogs or facebook feed, once you have awareness and interest you structure you prospects/patients looking for treatment, physical aids into groups and funnel process’s most suitable.

Sometimes a visitor to your website will buy or book an appointment online immediately because your provide the solution they need and appeal to them, many visitors are browsers and while they have an interest simply not looking to buy yet, so as long as you have create value, offer something they can take away and let them now your intentions,  you follow up thus creating a relationship, If someone has opted-in then stay in contact particularly the first 10 days after the trigger, give them access, build trust, create and demonstrate social proof and so on. 

If they become a customer or not purchased still keep in contact via email newsletter, articles videos again giving value and building trust, without sell sell and sell, otherwise the unsubscribe is triggered.

So that’s it as mentioned earlier, all business’s have a funnel, if it is to sell something it is called a sales funnel. Done correctly it is a smart, methodical process that makes the most out of advertising taking out the pushy, salesy tactics and replaces them with logical steps that run automatically and ultimately giving the patients what they want.

Patient Funnels

Therapy Funnel Training

Product Funnel Training

to get you going

The one funnel away challenge

How would you like to have some training and at the end of it actually have something to show?

Being online and getting found is getting even harder and harder, If you are looking to take your training fast forward, get your sales funnels built while you learn, to develop your online business, to build your patients list, then this this could be for you...everything you need to build your funnel!


A thirty day plan to help you understand what is required to get online and stay ahead of the game, to understand online marketing and apply it o your practice.


You have one, but do you understand it? we need a funnel, a structured process to help your grow your patients, to bring financial support and security.


A plan supported with video training, actionable  steps, guidance from proven industry giants in online marketing.

The best way to predict the future is to create it!…


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