Target And Topic

Target And Topic

Before your next campaign ask yourself who is your TARGET and what is the TOPIC…

Have you ever clicked on a ppc click looking for something while browsing only to be sent to a generic page, annoying isn’t it!  a practise still done by many.

Today’s note is about who is your target and what is the topic, when you decide on this you can start the process the right way.

When you look through ppc word search on Adwords you will see the common search terms listed, you will also see the price, notice the more generic, the bigger the demand the greater the cost. If you are not using Google keyword search tool then I highly recommend you do. 

Remember the it comes to treatment as therapists we don’t sell ourselfsl, we offer solutions. With this in mind consider a solution for pain radiating down the leg rather than backpain, don’t just send them to the homepage even though you may be a osteopath and osteopathy has a reputation for treating backpain, educate them on solutions, options and create an effective CTA.

Your PPC topic has not got to be ailment driven, you could consider sports related scenarios, office based or trade connections especially with Facebook advertising, you can choose age ranges, likes and employment types, it really is a great time to be precise, to be able to focus with precision leading to effective marketing and often considerably less money and a greater ROI.