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If I could recommend one book this would be it!

The underground playbook

For filling yor websites and funnels with your dream customers

Controlling traffic is the holy grail for any profitable business. This book is the online formula to create the attention every product needs to thrive.

Steven J Larsen

to get you going

How would you like to have some training and at the end of it actually have something to show?
A step-by-step to launch for your first (or next) funnel, so that you can build the business and life you want!. 

Being online and getting found is getting even harder and harder, If you are looking to take your training fast forward, get your sales funnels built while you learn, to develop your online business, to build your patients list, then this this could be for you...everything you need to build your funnel!

start the challenge. get your business of the ground


A thirty day plan to help you understand what is required to get online and stay ahead of the game, to understand online marketing and apply it o your practice.


You have one, but do you understand it? we need a funnel, a structured process to help your grow your patients, to bring financial support and security.


A plan supported with video training, actionable  steps, guidance from proven industry giants in online marketing.


Online Growth

Marketing & Affiliate Marketing For Businesses and Therapists; An Opportunity To Supplement Your Income and Develop Your Business

No longer are you the only therapist in town, you have competition offline and now even more online.

In every day clinical practice we as therapists offer solutions, we assess, treat, manage and rehabilitate, as a clinic owner I  do the same for business, the trend is online and no matter what business we are in we have to engage,  to implement strategies to help our business, not just to maintain patients through the door but to keep with the new trend and necessity for online solutions.

As therapists we offer continued advice and useful steps to take and equipment to use, its part of the process that is;

Offers Solutions
Ethical and not to simply create an income.

Affiliate Marketing for therapists is about marketing, is not about what you do, it simply offers the resources and tools to help you carry it out effectively within a structure that works.



develop & grow


sales funnel

Patient funnel

A funnel is the process a visitor online or passerby follows to become a patient, client or customer, if you have a business and sell a service, product or even training you have a funnel, you might not realise this or structure it,  but there is a process. Most online marketing is via your website, as email marketing, PPC and SEO.

Put your self in this position, from an  Ad or wanting to find a new 3 piece suite, what steps do you take to arrive with your new purchase, a big smile and feeling good!  this is a sales funnel, a simple straight forward process, however there is an enormous question… How well do you know your own clinic patient funnel.


affiliate products

How many products, services and therapeutic supports do you recommend?

With the trend of online treatment and consultation do you stock products or maybe send patients to a shop or maybe website?

Solutions are solutions and wether you stock or recommend them really does not matter, if they are useful, help treatment , recovery or rehabilitation then patients will buy them. Recommending them can add to your clinic income and in recommending the right products at the right time patients will happily buy.

Joint Supports

A vital part of many rehabilitation plans from sport or post-operative surgery.

Training Equipment

Pilates equipment, fit balls, yoga mats or hand weights. Equipment to help patients follow you rehabilitation and recover.


Supplements, protein shake, test kits, and products to help improve health and well being.

One Funnel Away

One Funnel Away

If you have little or no idea and would like a actionable plan to follow, to work on creating a live working funnel, ready to gather patients and sales, to force you to bite the bullet and get your funnel built, even if you have little knowledge and IT skill where...

A confused Mind

A confused Mind

When you go to the effort of creating a marketing campaign what action are you asking your prospect to take? Provide a solution, offer value and demonstrate how you provide this, however you need to create an action plan, a process for the visitor to follow, this is...

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