A confused Mind

A confused Mind

When you go to the effort of creating a marketing campaign what action are you asking your prospect to take?

Provide a solution, offer value and demonstrate how you provide this, however you need to create an action plan, a process for the visitor to follow, this is the call to action, a definitive next step. If the action is not clear or confusing then there is a good chance of no action or the back button pressed.

Structure governs functions and your sales funnel needs to work for you by working for the visitors, for additional information check out our straight forward step process to creating a funnel.


Do Not Lose Your Visitors

Do Not Lose Your Visitors

Do you understand what your website and how visitors are using it?


Hopefully you are using Google analytics and know how long people are staying on your page. Look at the bounce rate and actual time etc on the website, Google like’s authoritative sites and if people stay on websites longer, it helps to demonstrate this. However, time on pages needs to be for the right reason not getting lost on there.

Therapists provide solution, are you offering this, to give them what they want when they want it. Such as price, type of therapy, certain injuries, online booking or contact details such as the clinic address.


If your prices or telephone numbers are not obvious or tucked away on pages you need to scroll through, visitors will simply back space and visit another site who gives the information quickly and effectively. Visitors do not want to grow old on your website or try and solve the problem of finding prices.

To help you structure and website functionality on each page consider the following;

Who do we want to target? what are they looking for? 

What is the page message, how can we add value to them?

Why should they come to you? You have probably heard the phrase “don’t sell a mattress, sell a good nights sleep”

How do they move forward? -what is the  purpose, what is the call to action?. are you showing the way forward.

This process is great for your visitors and demonstrates your ability to help, it is also great seo for your website as it will tailor each page according to a specific purpose, no hap hazard messing about.






Landing Page Points

Landing Page Points

What are some design best practices for an effective landing page?

1:They are super focused on the marketing theme. 

2:They Keep Scrolling to a Minimum

3:They are relevant to the message of the campaign.

4:Engaging, keeping the interest with a view to offer solutions

5:Effective visual, relate-able visuals and and full of them 

6:Consistent Branding through out the campaign

7:They have a specific CTA, 

There are a lot of good articles out there, have a read of  landing page examples from Unbounce.  


Target And Topic

Target And Topic

Before your next campaign ask yourself who is your TARGET and what is the TOPIC…

Have you ever clicked on a ppc click looking for something while browsing only to be sent to a generic page, annoying isn’t it!  a practise still done by many.

Today’s note is about who is your target and what is the topic, when you decide on this you can start the process the right way.

When you look through ppc word search on Adwords you will see the common search terms listed, you will also see the price, notice the more generic, the bigger the demand the greater the cost. If you are not using Google keyword search tool then I highly recommend you do. 

Remember the it comes to treatment as therapists we don’t sell ourselfsl, we offer solutions. With this in mind consider a solution for pain radiating down the leg rather than backpain, don’t just send them to the homepage even though you may be a osteopath and osteopathy has a reputation for treating backpain, educate them on solutions, options and create an effective CTA.

Your PPC topic has not got to be ailment driven, you could consider sports related scenarios, office based or trade connections especially with Facebook advertising, you can choose age ranges, likes and employment types, it really is a great time to be precise, to be able to focus with precision leading to effective marketing and often considerably less money and a greater ROI.