A confused Mind

A confused Mind

When you go to the effort of creating a marketing campaign what action are you asking your prospect to take?

Provide a solution, offer value and demonstrate how you provide this, however you need to create an action plan, a process for the visitor to follow, this is the call to action, a definitive next step. If the action is not clear or confusing then there is a good chance of no action or the back button pressed.

Structure governs functions and your sales funnel needs to work for you by working for the visitors, for additional information check out our straight forward step process to creating a funnel.


One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge

“YOU SUDDENLY LOSE EVERYTHING” Marketing for therapists, gyms, osteopaths, chiropractors, yoga and pilates studios can be hard! And if you are not the only therapist or studio in the village so to speak, competition is high.

We all go through quiet times, its even harder for new therapists and gym, however the playing fields have become more level, with the age of online-marketing we can plan and implement structure into an effective process of getting more clients and patients. So what would you do when you see a half empty classes and a diary with too many spaces….

Here is a plan and process that will take you day 1 to day 30 to turn everything back around… A step by step coaching to help you create and launch your first or next funnel totally from scratch…. in just thirty days.


Q:Ask yourself the following questions;

-Are you just getting started, and have NO IDEA where to start?

-Are you in a dead end job that you hate, and you want to start your own business or start working from home?

-Do you have a business that’s been successful, but for some reason you’re feeling stuck?

-Are you trying to figure out a way to reach more people, or have a bigger impact on the world?

-Are you convinced that you need a funnel, but not sure where or how to start?

-Are you about to launch your next funnel, and want to make sure it’s a huge success!?

If you answered yes to ANY of the questions above, then I want to invite you to join the ‘One Funnel Away’ Challenge and change your business forever! so, here is how the challenge works…

The challenge costs $100 to join. This covers your materials that will be shipped you to use during the challenge (more info on what is in this kit below).

30 Days of Video Missions From Russell Brunson ($997 Value)
30 Days of Coaching From Stephen Larsen & Julie Stoian ($997 Value)
One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook ($247 Value) ​
BONUS: Physical Copy Of The Challenge Workbook ($97 Value)
​BONUS: MP3 Player ($297 Value) ​BONUS: 30 Days Hardcover Book ($97 Value) ​
BONUS: Unlimited Access to 30 Days Interviews ($197 Value) ​
BONUS: Behind The Scenes- Two Comma Club Interviews ($197 Value)

Now is the time to take the challenge..

Follow the link for further details http://bit.ly/2Z0diDk

Affiliate marketing For Beginners

Affiliate marketing For Beginners

Here are my answers to your 2 most frequently asked questions about getting started with affiliate marketing.

1- What if I don’t have money to get started?
2- What if I don’t have a following and am not an expert?

The truth about beginning affiliate marketing is that you have to hustle.
If you don’t have money, you really can get started for free if you get results within your free trial period.

Most of the software you need for affiliate marketing come with a 7-14 day free trial. But the truth is most people won’t have it all figured out that quickly and won’t have the hours to put in.

Most people can probably only work on their affiliate marketing side hustles for a couple of hours a day.
This is fine, maybe you will start profiting after a month, so just know that you will have to pay for software and it takes money to make money.

For those who say “I don’t have an audience, and I am not an influencer or expert. I have no followers or email list”.

My advice to you is just get started. A big audience means more free traffic. You have to ENGAGE with others online (I like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube). It is free to engage with them but it takes time.

Go into Facebook groups and reply to peoples comments, leave valuable tips as posts, add new friends, start networking!

Look up hashtags or keywords, make videos for Youtube and optimise them for SEO. It will take time to learn Youtube SEO so you can also outsource this task. You can outsource your engagement on Facebook and Instagram too with help from a VA.

Your mindset should be to get a return on all investments.

If you want to be perceived as an expert and up your personal branding, you should make videos and repurpose that information. You can summarise and bullet points videos you created or information that others have posted. You can repurpose this to your email list, Facebook groups, and more.

We offer two options to help you get started in affiliate marketing, and regardless of your industry, you can use the step by step processes listed to create sales funnels for affiliate products or business services. Each gives resources to get the information to create and promote.

Follow these steps in order for success in your affiliate marketing business:

Option 1. Start an affiliate marketing for business services in under 2 hours with my 6 step-by-step training: 


Option 2. Get my 7 step by step training for affiliate marketing for products.