Here are my answers to your 2 most frequently asked questions about getting started with affiliate marketing.

1- What if I don’t have money to get started?
2- What if I don’t have a following and am not an expert?

The truth about beginning affiliate marketing is that you have to hustle.
If you don’t have money, you really can get started for free if you get results within your free trial period.

Most of the software you need for affiliate marketing come with a 7-14 day free trial. But the truth is most people won’t have it all figured out that quickly and won’t have the hours to put in.

Most people can probably only work on their affiliate marketing side hustles for a couple of hours a day.
This is fine, maybe you will start profiting after a month, so just know that you will have to pay for software and it takes money to make money.

For those who say “I don’t have an audience, and I am not an influencer or expert. I have no followers or email list”.

My advice to you is just get started. A big audience means more free traffic. You have to ENGAGE with others online (I like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube). It is free to engage with them but it takes time.

Go into Facebook groups and reply to peoples comments, leave valuable tips as posts, add new friends, start networking!

Look up hashtags or keywords, make videos for Youtube and optimise them for SEO. It will take time to learn Youtube SEO so you can also outsource this task. You can outsource your engagement on Facebook and Instagram too with help from a VA.

Your mindset should be to get a return on all investments.

If you want to be perceived as an expert and up your personal branding, you should make videos and repurpose that information. You can summarise and bullet points videos you created or information that others have posted. You can repurpose this to your email list, Facebook groups, and more.

We offer two options to help you get started in affiliate marketing, and regardless of your industry, you can use the step by step processes listed to create sales funnels for affiliate products or business services. Each gives resources to get the information to create and promote.

Follow these steps in order for success in your affiliate marketing business:

Option 1. Start an affiliate marketing for business services in under 2 hours with my 6 step-by-step training:

Option 2. Get my 7 step by step training for affiliate marketing for products.